Not be Deterred

Looking for love; his soulmate. A love he can anticipate, but the willingness to wait. Been through all that he could, a broken marriage, a dance of no romance. He withstood, provided for his babies, and building lasting memories of fatherhood. Miles and years on the road; weaving through life’s traffic, bumped around, but landing on solid ground. On the grind to end up in the place being safe to put a smile upon her face. In his prayers; he won’t be denied, will not be deterred winning the heart of hers.

I salute the men in my life that accept, encourage, love, support and trust me for the women that l am and continue to evolve & grow to be. It is all ways a good day to honor women. We will also not be deterred, but stay determined and dedicated to the process and love the men who stand with us in the fight.

By Pamelap


2 thoughts on “Not be Deterred

  1. This was Really Beautiful
    Queen 👸🏽 cuzin PamelaP,
    Thanks for acknowledging the strong woman u Are & Strong women you come from,
    But also Shining
    “A Light “
    On the strong men in your life &
    Embracing OuR struggles to Get here & Stay Grounded & keep our Families Bonded through our Children,
    wives & or ExWife & build friendships with our ex’s to Stay bonded with our Grown Kids & Their Mothers!
    Women Rock 🪨!
    None of us would be here Without You Strong 💪 Women PamelaP.
    Cuzin Ken Sr

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