Sunset Covers

Like pulling the covers

Up to touch my chin

I snuggle in your warmth within

By Pamelap




We gather together in blissful ways

Hands that begin in prayer and praise

The abundance of all we have to give

Break bread, crossiants, waffles and eggs

To nourish our family, fellowship and friends

Plates aligned with our hearts as we dine

Blessings and joy scattered all around amongst us at the table where we are gathered in time.

By Pamelap

Painting Stars

WDYS #159

Color spills over me

Colors; my black and your white

Splotches smudge and smear together

For Hearts that don’t see color

For smiles that we share with one another

Painted on the canvas of our dreams and hopes that our eyes can discover all of ours formed in different colors

But we get trapped in the mixing of color while you can be free and have freedom to live in yours

Some get smiling faces, or hearts and words with paint stroking lies that blur the picture of true freedoms

By making it black and white

But the stars we wish upon in heaven where the truth of colors live; can be a guiding light

In making our different colors shine bright.

By Pamelap