Seeing Memories

#WDYS 134

It’s all in front of me

In the palm of my hands

Middle of my thoughts

Who I am and what I am about.

Can you see the glint in my eyes?

I had mentioned that I needed you to let me need you today

Having an eye on me and my heart in your hands. Letting go of what you didn’t understand.

But, the memories of you leaving me behind are the rearview reflections of our yesterday.

By Pamelap

I Will


I will bring you flowers this first time and every time after. A simple question is all I ask for you to answer. I picked you from all the rest. A wildflower’s gentle breeze I caught your fragrant essence when you smiled and I choose you, I do.

Will he send me flowers and smiles and ask me the question too. I will care for his heart and plant hope in his love. Calm his fears and be his wildflower gentle breeze. I caught his anticipating charm and I choose you, I do.

By Pamelap