Sage and Good

Sugar & Spice and everything just right.

Savvy & Sass with a pretty face and graceful class.

Wise & Smart with a whole lot of heart.

A little bit tart & tangy, just don’t make a lady angry.

Wine & Dine we got brains and a sexy behind.

Painted lips, nails, toes with colorful and lovely souls.

Charmaine, Jen, Connie, Clarissa and Shan, my sisters of birth and in family we trust.

With plenty of Sage & a whole lot of Good, we wish a brotha sho nuff would.

Aged with seasoning and a pinch of hood, with my big brother, Rocky and little brother, Brandon we are treated like good man could and should.


In women, you are blessed with the many facets & flavors of what makes us who we are: blessings that can and should be respected.

By Pamelap


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