Let Down

KHartless brevity prompt

I let the sun go down on my hope

And your love

Feasted upon dreams of being

Alive in your heart

But shrouded in the dust, loss and

Alone chaos

By Pamelap


Sun and Stone


I go around in circles staying inside the curved lines but wanting to break free.

Traces of your love encompass my sphere of enlightenment as I try to let nature take its course.

But, ancient ruins of our past love, and the heavy cluster of stones stacked up in the centerpiece of my heart, are laden with memories that come full circle.

But when I seek the answers in the sunlight of the morning, only then I can spiral freely.

By Pamelap

Your touch

Inspired by Jude and his blog: tales told differently wordeologist.Wordpress.com

Sometime in that moment of the night

I just need your touch

A kiss on the curve of my shoulder, a hand easing down the small of my back

Causing a quiver between my thighs and thoughts

Don’t need words to conversate or to communicate

Just let your touch speak to me tonight.

By Pamelap