Love Burnt

WDYS #177

Searching for your love on many pages

Finding you and reading your story for understanding

But you couldn’t spell or speak the truth

And love easily burnt

And singed the corner of my heart

By Pamelap


Brother and Sisterhood

Happy Birthday to my brother, Rocky!! From the “women who sparkle” in your life!

Wise and smart with plenty of heart

A little bit tart and tangy, just don’t make a lady angry

Wine and dine, we got brains and an alluring sense of style

Painted lips, nails, toes, all done with with colorful and lovely souls

Charlene, Jennifer, Constance, Clarissa and Shan, my sisters of birth and in family we trust

With plenty of sage and a whole lot of good, we wish a brotha sho nuff would

Aged with seasoning and a pinch of hood, with my big brother, Rocky and my little brother, Brandon; we are treated like women and like a good man should.

By Pamelap

Power of a Dream

Dreams are the whispering sounds of power

Solidarity is the universal shield of love

Unity is the carving of stone; the foundation for a great gift

That stands for what we believe and no longer just hope for, but a reality to live

And a faith we walk by unified in what is right

To give celebrating Martin Luther King’s legacy and birthday

Keep his dream and presence alive

Built upon solid ground and necessary work

His message is power

Hate is a weak voice

Silenced, stamped out by

The most powerful voice

Of all

Love ❤️

By Pamelap

Feeling Free and Good

Tribute to Nina Simone: I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free and Feeling Good and in honor of International Women’s Day

The fish still jump

And birds do fly

I know how it feels to be free

Bit wild and all the way stable

My skin shines in the sun

My freedom makes me able

To dream the hopes that have wings

His love makes it so and will last

Loving eyes see; what blind eyes won’t

I am beautiful

Coils of natural beauty

Mind of intellect and care

Beholden to all that is in the sky

I’m reaching high

Because I dare

To know how it feels to be good and free

By Pamelap