Road Trip!

You’re going on a cross-country trip. Airplane, train, bus, car, or bike?

I grew up loving road trips with my family in our station wagon car! It was the seven of us driving the highways to see my grandparents! It was an adventure for sure, though I didn’t realize how much so until many years later.

My family would travel through the night and not making stops along the way, only at The South of the Border. I didn’t know it then, but it was not safe for us to stop to get gas, and staying at a hotel was out of the question. We traveled from Virginia to South Carolina and at the time it was not safe for African Americans traveling through the southern part of the country.

My mom and dad always made it fun for us. I never thought anything about us always traveling at night, but grew up loving and seeing it as adventurous.

But, for me nowadays, I also love traveling by train! Sleeper cars are the best! I took a train from Oregon to Texas one summer, it was the 101 Scenic Route along the California coast. I had sleeper car accommodations and it was the best trip ever! I hope to be able to do that again soon!

By Pamelap


This Weekend…

What makes you most anxious?

I try not to be anxious, when I feel myself getting anxious/overwhelmed, I breathe 🧘‍♀️ and talk myself off the edge.

But, this weekend or the Thursday start of the NCAA basketball tournament is a good anxious time for me. I have been watching the tournament since I was ten years old. I love it, the excitement of just each team/school having their moment to shine ✨ on the national stage.

My Men’s bracket is holding on, with a few bumps on the road, but my Women’s bracket is looking great!! My alum mater put in a decent effort against the overwhelming number 1 seed, South Carolina Lady Gamecocks, proud of The Norfolk State Spartanettes! Behold the Green and Gold!

On to watch the last few games of the second round and on to the Sweet Sixteen and Elite Eight next weekend!

By Pamelap

Epic Success

How has a failure, or apparent failure, set you up for later success?

I believe making an attempt at anything you set your mind/sights to accomplish is a success in itself. You put yourself in the game/arena and you will learn from the process.

You will learn more about yourself, your grit, your strengths and abilities. And, I feel it is great to try new things or reconnect with old favorites, no harm in trying.

This can breed success, because you know you can succeed in learning and discovering something new about yourself or be welcomed back to an old favorite!

By Pamelap

Objects Are Closer Than They Appear

What are three objects you couldn’t live without?

I am not much of a gadget person, I don’t have a tv or personal computer in my home and I am not of fan of knickknacks. So, this was tough for me to answer, but here goes!

I do love candles 🕯️ to give soft light my home. I appreciate a hand to hold, a shoulder to lean on and lips to kiss me goodnight and a voice to wish me sweet dreams~

By Pamelap