Feeling Free and Good

Tribute to Nina Simone: I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free and Feeling Good and in honor of International Women’s Day

The fish still jump

And birds do fly

I know how it feels to be free

Bit wild and all the way stable

My skin shines in the sun

My freedom makes me able

To dream the hopes that have wings

His love makes it so and will last

Loving eyes see; what blind eyes won’t

I am beautiful

Coils of natural beauty

Mind of intellect and care

Beholden to all that is in the sky

I’m reaching high

Because I dare

To know how it feels to be good and free

By Pamelap


Knowing love can hurt one of us; we forged ahead in faith and trust, not letting love destroy us.

SaturdaySymphony#34 hosted by Jude

Looking into your eyes, I see the natural beauty within grown over centuries, built to birth many nations. Our eyes could see a development to be made by the laying of the land in trusted savage hands.

Words whispered into shouts turning our hearts and worlds inside out. Where love could not be nurtured with a texture of grace but toiled with darkness underneath and above you could see it on my face.

Giving what you need and what I want something beautiful and lush growing from your bud to flower in your lushest garden soil and we can build an industry of love.

Lips taste and sip from your flowing waters fall, run smooth and deep through my fingers as I cup your chin to guide your kiss down the path of my constructed plans.

Knowing love can hurt each of us, we forged ahead building and cultivating faith and trust; to not let love destroy us.

By Pamelap