What is your middle name? Does it carry any special meaning/significance?

My middle name is Denise, but you can call me Deni. My mom chose our names from a book of baby names, all except my youngest brother’s first name.

I grew up not really appreciating my middle name, because I didn’t really care for the nickname: Niecy. But, I am a fan now, Niecy Nash’s birth name is Carol Denise, and I like that!

By Pamelap


5 thoughts on “Deni

  1. My first name is Nancy and my middle name is Ann. If you look in a book of baby names, the notation after “Ann” is “see Nancy”. In essence my first and middle names are the same, with Ann being a shortened form of Nancy. Not terrible interesting!
    If you are familiar with the old verse “Monday’s child is fair of face, Tuesday’s child is full of grace”, you will appreciate my next point. I was born on a Tuesday (“full of grace”) and the meaning of Nancy is “full of grace” …. a fact my mother was unaware of.
    You see, my two sets of grandparents were arguing as to what my name should be; one pair wanted Vincenzina while the other pair wanted Francesca. The fighting was driving my mother crazy so when all the family went home after visiting my mother in the maternity ward, mom asked the attending nurse what her name was. The nurse smiled and replied “My name is Nancy”.
    And the rest is history.

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