School Dazz

Do you enjoy your job?

I do enjoy my job (career)!

I am amazed, thrilled and challenged each day and some evenings too!!

I get to laugh and learn about myself and others, while setting goals and achieving many accomplishments with the help of my colleagues and students!

I enjoy snack time, lunch and taking walks around our playground.

And, I get to watch young minds and hearts grow into being loyal friends, classmates, peers and scholars.

I enjoy being a teacher, educator and coach to 52 future leaders of the world!

By Pamelap


9 thoughts on “School Dazz

  1. I didn’t realise you were a teacher and a coach, Pamelap. That’s such an important job – moulding and guiding little minds into bigger people. Quite a responsibility, and as your previous reader said – respect for you and all other teachers. My daughter is a teaching assistant and often has her own class as the schools are so short of qualified teachers. You’re doing a great job, my friend. Xx πŸ’–

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      1. I’m so glad you are happy being a teacher. My daughter loves her job, too. She is working one-to-one with a little boy who is severely autistic, so her work can be quite challenging.

        You dance, too!? How wonderful. You have so much talent and I’d admire that. What sort of dancing do you do? Xx


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