Feeling Free and Good

Tribute to Nina Simone: I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free and Feeling Good and in honor of International Women’s Day

The fish still jump

And birds do fly

I know how it feels to be free

Bit wild and all the way stable

My skin shines in the sun

My freedom makes me able

To dream the hopes that have wings

His love makes it so and will last

Loving eyes see; what blind eyes won’t

I am beautiful

Coils of natural beauty

Mind of intellect and care

Beholden to all that is in the sky

I’m reaching high

Because I dare

To know how it feels to be good and free

By Pamelap

3 thoughts on “Feeling Free and Good

  1. Oh, goodness, Pamelap, this brought back some memories. I love Nina Simone’s music anyway, but this song has a very special meaning for me, too. We played this song at my Mum’s funeral, which might seem like a strange choice of music for a funeral. Let me explain … my beloved Mum was agoraphobic her whole adult life. She couldn’t leave the house at all from when I was a child until she passed away at 85 in December 2016. We never knew any differently as children. We chose this song for saying goodbye to my Mum because of the words. “To know how it feels to be good and free.” Finally, my Mum was free of her fears and pain. Thank you for reminding me of this poignant time at the end of my Mum’s life. I’m going to go and play it on YouTube now … . Thank you for sharing this emotional but happy song, my friend. Much love Xx 💝

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    1. You are so welcome and I am glad you enjoyed the piece and it brought you fond memories. My mom also loved Nina Simone and I had her on my mind as I wrote this piece. Nina was an incredible artist and this is one of my absolute favorite song of hers.
      Thank you for sharing a bit of your mom’s story and her appreciation for Nina Simone too!! Much love and blessings to you my dear friend! 💝💝💞

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