Softly Out Loud

I need your arms around me warming my soul. Nights are getting cold

Lips speak softly; our stories of old we told in our alone time, where we can be bold with the thoughts we closely hold.

For moments that we will let unfold to be held in hands of gold.

Softly, quietly we love out loud and engulfed emotions flowed.

By Pamelap


14 thoughts on “Softly Out Loud

    1. My dear friend, thank you so much! Life continues to be blissfully busy, and I am so glad when I get to post a piece! I still get such joy and inspiration from you and your lovely and provocative prompts/poems!! I have at least three that I need to post in the coming weeks!
      Do enjoy your Thanksgiving celebrating with family and friends! πŸ’–πŸ’πŸ™

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