Tool Shed of Fools

WDYS #154

There once was a man who had a notion to put his hands in motion.

To build a love of heart and devotion.

He went to work pulling out the tools he had in mind to use.

But, he went about his building with dull, and unsharpened tools.

Oh, the quest for noncommittal love is a screw up of fools.

By Pamelap


16 thoughts on “Tool Shed of Fools

  1. It’s funny, but I read your poem along with your short bio; and I couldn’t help but to interpret the poem party in the words of your cousin, Kendra: “It all begins with just a thought.” These words are an inspiration. But where love is concerned, while it begins with a thought, it must also continue in intentional thoughtfulness or it will fall apart. Well said.

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