Cross Roads

I stay on the other side of the street afraid to cross and go too deep

where my mind lives on the corner of not walking down dark alleys

But my fear doesn’t get me what I want

To pave the way for me to take a drive on the other side of the street

To not play it safe and be at a crossroad for letting you in my world

I don’t lie to myself; I just don’t tell the world my truth.

By Pamelap


7 thoughts on “Cross Roads

      1. You’re very welcome, Pamelap. I am particularly fond of swans and live near a river where a family of swans take up residence nearby every year. I love the way the parent swans look after their cygnets as I like to do with my family when I’m able to see them. Swans have always had a special place in my heart, which is why I use this icon. I just relate to it a lot and feel that it represents me in a way. I’m having a big family day out today (the first time in two years as we don’t live near each other) and am so looking forward to it. I will try and write a blog post about it when I have time. Take good care of yourself. Xx 🦢💝🤗

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      2. Ellie, I am excited for you to spend some time with your family! I will look forward to hearing about you day from your blog!
        Thank you for sharing about your swan 🦢 icon. I am also very fond of them and I really appreciate their beauty and grace. I love how you relate to caring for your family in that way too! Lovely 🥰
        Enjoy your evening!

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