Written for Lillian’s deVerse challenge: Write a poem using Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavors, but you can’t write about ice cream. My attempt was inspired by Dale from her adelectablelife.com blog A Dalectable Life

I have a Half-Baked notion when I dream

I have no need for Coffee Coffee Buzzbuzzbuzz to add to the Urban Jumble in my head

I make a Dastardly Mash to get myself dressed and ready to go instead

Feeling Wavy Gravy in my cute outfit, looking yummy as Miz Jelena’s Sweet Potato Pie 🥧 topped with whipped cream

I hop in my new whip, heading down Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, should stop to fill my tank

But, these gas prices making me feel the Economic Crunch, This is Nuts! No thanks!

But, I am on my way to see my Sugar Plum and Imagine Whirled Peace, as I think about the Urban Bourbon Late Night Snack we will have later this evening.

My dreaming state of mind, this is my kind of living!

By Pamelap


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