Lamppost: Speaking eyes…

Six Sentence Story

“No, tell me how long have you been here,” she motioned pointed a manicured finger at the surroundings. He realized Troy was talking about the park and not his home. “Wait, are you hungry?” She didn’t wait for his reply. “You have to be hungry, well I’m hungry.”

Within minutes they were heading out of the park, he looked back and forth almost stumbled as Troy pulled him along. Morpheus needed to focus and keep pace.

“Your eyes talk they speak beautiful tales of what you are thinking, feeling.” They hold a mystery,” he mused sitting across her in the booth at the lively diner. Her eyes specifically changed hues when she spoke of her favorite spot, the Grove Street Diner. “Your eyes have beautiful thoughts, Thalia, I want to know what you want to discover about your future.”

At the moment, Troy wondered what mysterious and Delphic ways this Adonis had cast on her. She surprised herself to be so enthralled with him and they way he looked at her. She wanted to discover what was happening in her present and what might be in her future.

She would swear he could read her thoughts. “Your order, buttermilk pancakes and bacon and for you sir, cantaloupe with honey and sweet butter with toast.” The waitress sat down their plates, and had a sweet buttered smile for Morpheus, while she got her “forgotten” butter pecan syrup on the side.

“Shall I secure your syrup?” He asked, and there was that glint of color in his eyes, the one she had seen before. Was he toying with her or could he really read her mind? “Yes, please.” Well, she would play along and see what the future held for her.

By Pamelap


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