Intentionally Making a Mistake

#SSS: Six Sentence Story

The singe of the flame crept up slowly she didn’t realize or recognize what was happening at first. She believed it would build, burn bright, not burn her. How it moved almost rhythmic. What was she doing.

He did too; moved with an unpredictable rhythm had her jumping, smoldering, burning anxiously like the flames. She was like a moth to his flames. What was he doing.

She watched gaslighting thoughts flickering across her mind the dancing flames mocking her. She knew she should put it out of her mind, but it leapt from the corner of her psyche.

It caught her and fueled her. She wanted to believe, feel the heat of his conversations, his touch and then it was gone. She was engulfed by flames climbing the walls she had to get out, but the knob was too hot for her touch.

He pulled away, her hands left charred once supple and caring now the recognition was lost. It will leave a mark.

She would put out the fire and rest well being closer to her fireplace protecting her inside her room.

By Pamelap


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