The Last Time…

Day 29: write a The Last Blank poem. Here is my attempt.

The moment he experienced the matte creaminess of her Hershey brown skin, leaving his mark on her supple lips for the first time. He felt different but more like himself for the first time today. He didn’t question his thinking differently, and neither did she. His autistic nature being soothed by her carefree spirit.

Eric liked people, just did not like being around them that much, but Janelle, he liked being around. He just knew he could taste her beauty, sense her tranquility without knowing how he could. Yet, it settled him like a decanter of wine he never needed, making him feel wild & free, that he liked too.

The last time he felt this way was the first time he ever saw her that day. And that moment will last forever this last time.

By Pamelap


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