Could Not Hear Me

I was inspired by Gabriela’s poem response to the painting, to write one as well.

I knew he would not call, and I wouldn’t either. Doing the slow distance dance even though we are in the same state. But, I now know we are in different places. For something I didn’t really think I wanted, I went for it anyway. I was luscious to him. He said he would listen to me, and I guess he did, but I was not saying what he wanted to hear. Not sure what makes me sad or confused, because I didn’t want to go down this path with him. Yet, the weeping soothes.

So, I will sit and watch my hurt, my anguish to see what it will do. I won’t run from it, like I usually do. I will let it sit and wait with me. No clothing my heart and pain this time. I will let my eyes weep what I now see.

By Pamelap


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