My Super Power

Day 24: write a villain or superhero poem. Here’s my attempt.

My cape of warding off colds, sniffles, and flu, now Covid too. An apple a day keeps my fatigue at bay. Squabbling and tattling have seen their day. Because, my students marvel at my “teacher” voice and say that I have a good one! Along with my knowing eyes in the back of my head, as they ponder how did I see what they just did.

Handing out papers, pencils, smiles and laughter as our day begins. Keeping track not just of grades, but 21 impressionable minds, whilst budding personalities of different shapes and sizes seek to grow and discovery to find.

Doing my best to meet the needs for all who reside in my classroom for daily work, lunch, recess, cultural studies, reading and timed test. And their lightbulb 💡 moments do us proud when they realize that they have superpowers too! Makes it all worthwhile what my superpower allows me to do!

By Pamelap


3 thoughts on “My Super Power

  1. Your classroom sounds so cool, I want to go back to school.😎This was a really great piece. You really do have superpowers! Thank you for teaching, our teachers are so valuable.💖


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