Webs 🕸

Day 22: write an organism poem. Here is my attempt. I was inspired by the poem: Spiderwebs from lostinamberland.Wordpress.com

It may start with a thought that threads its way into captured moments of life blown by the wind caught in my silken splendor to be devoured.

A delicate tangle of intriguing intricacies revealed in my uniquely designed mystic, and an alluring smile captivates you; as I spin a bit off kilter in my movements towards you in wanting to occupy your heart.

Why can’t I seem to let you in, but don’t want to let you go while in my snare. If you dare to escape the sticky entanglement of the predator & prey, I am only human and just want you to be captive in my web of love every night and day.

By Pamelap


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