We Be Writing

Day 18: write a we blank poem. He is my attempt.

To know others are out there like me, who can be transformed by a book or a word. Who can imagine, wonder, and create a mood from a written word.

We can be moved to tears, brought to joy and cradled to comforted silence that can speak volumes by what we write or see written in a poem.

We write when we have places to go or nowhere else to turn. We come alive at night to write, have a pen & pad next to our bedside.

I have a love with my writing that gives me solace and keeps me grounded.

I understand what I don’t understand when I write. It soothes me, let’s me be me, explicit, exotic, sensual, angry, thoughtful, raw, and so much more.

And, there are others out here like me, and we be writing.

By Pamelap


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