Vintage Text

Pilar hadn’t thought of the memory in a very long time, but the old typewriter took her back to her senior year in high school. The vintage typewriter is holding up better than her fifty plus memory, but she recalled that day in her 12th grade, fifth period typing class vividly.

Sitting next to her friend, Monica and what she didn’t know at the time her Senior year prom date. He had a slow smile and straight white teeth that made him look like an Adonis. It took just a minute to type the message on my typewriter with the help of Monica knowing that he didn’t have a date for the prom.

Pilar wondered if he thought of her too, it was a lovely evening with dinner, dancing and classic prom picture taking. She could still have that warm comfortable feeling of his arm lightly holding her waist and her head resting lightly on his chest.

Her vintage text message from her IPhone, could it bring back her Adonis? She wondered as she lightly caressed the keys of the old typewriter.

By Pamelap for #1MinFiction


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