Weak in the Love Zone

Sunday Poser #77: How far can a person go for a loved one? I will go as far as I can, but will let go to relinquish the hurt and hope to love again.

After being fooled into love, it was cool the signs I didn’t see. I was zoned into you and the steamy memories that made me weak in the knees.

But, I will let you go and let go of the dreams I had of us, to not block your future blessings or mine. Knowing I will learn to love again over time.

The love we had was for our time, the good, bad, indifferent, mistakes, misunderstood, fun, flirt and yes, the hurt was by our desire to design a love affair, but now that reality is gone asunder.

I will let you go to hurt no more, but to one day love again.

By Pamelap


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