Black, a Cool Shade of Love

Like an old school song, familiar and reminiscent, you calling me by my name and no other. We are spinning smooth like evening slow jams; late night grooving. Sticking together, up for each other, through whatever. Building dreams with purpose, love ballad singing black love is cool, rediscovered. The harmony and beats you hear in my future plans, staying tuned in to your love.

Honoring Black History Month and Black love among family, friends and lovers.

By Pamelap


4 thoughts on “Black, a Cool Shade of Love

  1. Pamela Bertha, you have special skills , a passionate approach to how u write & what you write about..
    I’m Proud to be your 1st cousin
    As your mom aunt Louise Bertha is my Dad, Barmore Duncan’s
    Baby sister !
    I salute you Queen 👸🏽Cuzin!
    Deep Respect ✊🏾
    Ken Duncan Sr

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Cuzin, that means so much to me. I have always been proud to be your cousin and to be a part of an amazing family. Mommy and daddy encouraged my writing and l am so appreciative of everyone’s thoughts and support! Much love and blessings to you!!


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