Happy Kwanzaa, Family

We have held our family values, memories together; tightly bound in our organized minds that family matters. Being busy, but mindful enough to keep it all together, the ties that bind us to each other. We have lost, seen love ones move on to a Greater Love, knowing that we will not forget the unity lifted on the wings of our family. They gave us the self determination to strive through difficult times, have dreams to make our own cooperative life and economic self awareness. Gave us the faith to walk by to know we are not perfect, but to have purpose to do what is best. A beacon for our family traditions that miles can’t separate our hearts, love, and responsibility to unify our family blessings. We have to “shout, shout, let it all out these are the things l am talking,” and writing about~ even in the quiet corner of our home. Whether in the east, west, center of life, we are safe in our family fold, brother, sister, and cousin love. Happy Kwanza, Family!


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